Monday, June 21, 2010


Burger and the kids eating some cake from Johnson's Bakery to celebrate Father's Day. Burger was thrilled to come home from work yesterday and find that I had brought the toddler bed in to build. But I couldn't figure out how to build it myself. Don't tell him, but I didn't really try that hard! So he came home from work and felt compelled to build it immediately. There are no pictures of Emrick in her new big-girl bed because she likes to jump in it, not sleep in it. We put the kids to bed last night and they were laughing and laughing and we could hear them jumping. Then Emrick would sneak into the living room and laugh like crazy thinking she had gotten away with something until we would escort her back to bed. This went on for about a half hour before we decided to put her back in the crib until she's older! Lucky I'm a seasoned parent and knew better than to take down the crib when I put the bed up. In their teeny tiny room we had Jacob's twin bed, Emrick's toddler bed, and Emrick's baby crib. There was barely enough room to squeeze in there to put the kids to bed! But I was thinking that switching Emrick to a big girl bed would be slightly more difficult than when we switched Jacob. I was right.

Emrick giving Daddy lasagna kisses! She thinks it's hilarious to stuff her face and be the messiest girl ever then demand kisses. And really, who would deny this sweet, beautiful baby lasagna kisses? Or yogurt kisses or mashed potato kisses or spaghetti-o kisses or oatmeal kisses...

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