Thursday, June 17, 2010


We have been crazy busy around here. Burger is working long hours because John Deere is on shut down for two weeks. My mom and I are having a garage sale on Saturday. I think we might be clinically insane. I have been researching cars because I want to trade my van in. Or, sell it. So if you know anyone who wants a 2003 Chevy Venture with leather and DVD, send them my way! I really miss driving a car so I am looking at Ford Fusions. They get amazing consumer ratings! We are getting a new kitchen table today, which is really exciting. My friend Megan is moving and won't be needing her big table any more so she is letting us use it until she gets a bigger house. We have been wanting a rectangle table for a while now and I love Megan's because the top is tiled. Woo hoo! I love having good friends. The kids are doing fine. Unusually annoying lately, but fine.

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