Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Trash Day

Tuesday is trash day here and Burger is working second shift so it's my job this week to take the can to the curb. I keep remembering/forgetting so I decided that if I titled a blog post then it would maybe be sketched in my mind. I try to keep you updated. Because if I forget to take it to the curb I will be really upset. We fill the trash can every week and don't have extra room to go another week! So, you can safely assume that if I don't mention the trash again then I remember to take it to the curb. And if I write a huge post about trash again then I probably forgot. And am upset.

Speaking of trash, I have been thinking a lot about recycling. We recycle pop cans, but that's it. We reuse plastic shopping bags in our bathroom and bedroom trash cans. And when we shop at Aldi's we take our reusable shopping bags. Or anytime we know we'll only be grabbing a few things we take the reusable bags. But for the most part we not huge on recycling. But I think about it a lot. I have no real idea how to start or where to take things once I collect them. We used to have a subscription to the newspaper and one of the reasons I cancelled is because I had all that extra newspaper and had no idea where to take it to recycle! So I usually just kept it in a pile and used it to wrap gifts or line the table when Jacob would do crafts. So, what do you do to recycle and do you have any easy tips for me?

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