Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have no complete thoughts today. Nothing to make an actual blog post, not that my posts are usually a complete topic anyhow. But today especially my thoughts are broken and random so to highlight the fact that I am not thinking properly, I will be posting with bullet points. Have fun with this one, people!

-We had to stay late late late at work because someone called in sick and another someone had to leave early to catch the bus.

-Emrick keeps ripping holes in her leggings and tights from crawling so now she hardly has any.

-I want to go to Target solely to find new leggings but am nervous about it because a lot of stores are putting out spring weather wear and I cannot put my baby in capri leggings in February.

- Jacob played play dough for almost a full two hours at work today.

-Almost every day I argue and fight with Jacob to get him to take a nap while Emrick is sleeping and almost every day when I go get Emrick out of her crib and change her diaper Jacob falls asleep on the sofa. Seriously.

-I wish someone would bring me a Java Chiller from Sonic. I might have to go completely out of my way to get one on the way to Target.

-Jacob is almost always the only boy in the on-site room at the Y.

-Jacob's gymnastics was cancelled last night due to one instructor being sick and the other one not wanting to teach it by herself. I found this especially annoying because there are three instructors who teach this class.

-I am trying to catch up on laundry but every time I get some washed there's a whole new basket of dirty.

-I wash a full sink of dirty dishes by hand usually twice a day.

-Emrick is eleven months old today!

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