Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Hat

Here is the hat my mom's friend made for Jacob. I know it's not the best picture, but that's all I could do this morning before rushing out to work. We stopped at McDonald's to get me a coffee and Jacob some apple dippers. I don't even know if he would actually eat them but this morning he said he really wanted them so I was going to get them for him. Anyhow, they asked me before I ordered if I was going to pay cash or credit. I don't ever carry cash so I told them credit. The lady said something about how it was fine since the machine is working now. So I pulled up to the window to pay and hand her my card and she hands it right back to me saying that the machine isn't working and asked if I had cash or a check book. Uh... We left with out our stuff. I think it's time I start carrying just a bit of cash with me or occasions like this. It's now after lunch and I'm still just a little miffed about the situation. I will have to make Burger stop on his way home from work to get me some coffee.

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