Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Boring Wednesday

My schedule was changed at work so now the kids and I go every morning. It's fine, just takes some getting used to since I'm usually lazy in the mornings. Today we went and the kids played. For the last two days Jacob has been the only boy in the room! He doesn't like that too much and he gets bored and agitated. When we left today there was a lovely freezing rain and the windshield of the car was coated in ice. Super fun! I left the kids in the Y with the other teacher, she stayed late just to help me out. I started the car and had to leave it running for a few minutes with the defrost on to loosen up the ice so I could scrape it off. Then my mom met me at the grocery store so I could run in and get some bread and diapers while she sat with the kids. One of her friends at school knit Jacob the cutest hat yesterday! I will have to try to post a picture of him wearing it. I love knit things! Anyhow, freezing rain is in the weather forecast all night and all day tomorrow so I just might experience the same thing over again. Looking forward to it, or something like that.

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mandydake said...

I soooo wish I was still working there with you all. The kids could use some socialization.. and so could mom..