Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's been a while...

Sorry it's been so long, friends! We have been a little busy but not really. Mostly I'm just lazy. And, everyone around us is falling ill with a stomach bug. Probably the same bug we had last week. Not cool. So I have been cleaning and cleaning the house like a crazy person. Hello Lysol! Which reminds me that I am almost out. Also out of laundry detergent. I think we might have to run to Target later.

Burger is gone at school this week. I explained to Jacob that he will be coming home Friday night. We have been talking about the days of the week a little bit, but he's not been too interested. Now he keeps asking if today is Friday yet! Poor boy. I think I need to buy him a calendar!

Since no post would be complete without a story of Emrick, here is your fix: Jacob was watching Spongebob and when Emrick heard the theme song she booked it over to the TV so she could watch it and dance along. She loves that song. Once the song is over she's done. She doesn't like the actual show, just the song part! Jacob likes the show, which bums me out. I don't really care for Spongebob.

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