Sunday, December 13, 2009


Wow, I have left you guys hanging for a long time. Almost a whole week! Well, with Burger working second shift, I get really side tracked during the day. So blame him. He won't mind.

Last week was busy, what with the massive snow storm and Emrick had/has strep throat. The rest of us have colds so I have been using Lysol like crazy today! I got our Christmas cards addressed and in the mail yesterday. We ordered a game from ecrater for Jacob for Christmas two week ago and still haven't received it, but I ordered a different thing from eBay and it came in two days! I love the Internet.

Jacob loves the snow and will jump in it any chance he gets. Yesterday on the way to swimming he took a detour through the snow and it made me so mad because I had to go back inside and get new clothes for him. He wears his snow boots every where because he likes them and it makes me wish I would have bought him a fancy pair (like the Cars I saw at K-Mart) instead of cheap basic ones from Wal-Mart! Oh well, he likes the ones he has and doesn't know the difference. And the cheap orange ones match his coat!

Today we have no exciting plans. Mom and I were thinking of jean-shopping at Kohl's because I got a 30% off coupon in the mail! Emrick is feeling better, but still whining. But that's just kind of her personality. And she's probably really bored with being at home for so long! Hope you all enjoy your Sunday and get to hang out with your family like I do!

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