Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December, really?

All of these pictures were taken yesterday. December first. That's Iowa for ya! You can never count on the weather. It was so beautiful and lovely. We played outside then went to the park with a friend. We stayed out until the sun went down and it got too chilly. Today was not the same. It was cold today, normal December weather.
Burger has been working second shift which actually works out really well for us. He gets to hang out and play with the kids and relax then go to work and come home after the kids are in bed. The kids don't put up such a fight at bedtime because nothing even remotely fun is going on in the living room to distract them. Evenings are easier for me to fill because everyone else I know works first shift and has open evenings to entertain me!
Tonight we went to dinner with my parents. Jacob was naughty and punished by not being allowed to ride in Grandpa's Jeep. He was so sad. Before bed I asked him what was his favorite part of today. We did a lot of fun things today. We made cookies with Burger and went to my mom's school and Jacob got to paint and play with the train set! We went to the restaurant with my parents. Well, he said his favorite part was when he got to ride in Grandpa's Jeep on the way to the restaurant. He said it hurt his feeling when Grandpa was mad and wouldn't let him ride in the Jeep home. Insert misty eyes here. But honestly, I think this kid just knows how to play people's emotions. How do they learn so young?

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