Monday, December 7, 2009

Lovely Weekend

We enjoyed a lovely weekend together as a family. We put up the Christmas tree and stockings and I got Christmas cards ready to mail out, but not mailed yet! I feel like a I really accomplished a lot today. I went to work and while I was there Jacob and Burger went grocery shopping and returned some stuff at Target. Then when we all came home the boys shoveled the walkways, Jacob absolutely loves to play in the snow. Burger went to work, still on second shift for an undetermined amount of time. While the kids took a nap (together in their room at the same time!) I swept the floor and used the steam mop. That thing is going to get some major use this winter! It's so easy to use and makes me feel like the floors are really clean. Anyhow, then the kids woke and I got them each a snack while I took care of some bills on the phone. For future reference, after Friday we will no longer have a house phone. You can get ahold of Burger or me on our cell phones at any given time, though, so don't panic! If you don't have our cell phone numbers, just e-mail us and we can get it to you or leave a comment in the comments section of this blog. Right now Jacob is eating some left over tuna noodle casserole and we are getting ready for gymnastics! Hopefully our evening will go as smooth as the rest of our day has!

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