Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Jacob opening his gift from Aunt Cheryl. He loves it and has already used up almost all the paint!

Alex, Kiyrah, and Jacob playing puzzles after opening gifts at Grandma and Grandpa Oldenburger's Christmas Fiesta.

Emrick on her pony. She loves this thing. Santa brought it and Jacob named it Red. I'm just wondering what we're going to do when she inevitably asks for a real pony. Grandpa O. can we keep a pony in your barn?

Some cute kids in the tub. This is their new thing, they love to take tubs together and play! They both think it's super fun. Usually Jacob gets in trouble the whole time for splashing her too hard and she usually gets in trouble the whole time for trying to put the bottle of soap in the water...

I have been trying to post pictures for days and finally they let me!! We are all feeling much much better today. We are chalking it up to some sort of food poisoning, but who knows! Today we went to Target and I spent too much money on clearance items. It was fun, though. Right this second Burger is trying to fix our sink in the bathroom. It seems to have a terrible leak and he can't figure it out. It's making him grumpy. I will call my dad to help. Two heads are better than one, you know!
Today I was in the bathroom washing my hands, when I shut it off is when it began to leak actually... Anyhow, I was washing my hands and Emrick came in with me. Usually she likes to stand on the stool we have by the toilet for Jacob and play with the tub toys. But today when I turned around to get her she was entirely in the tub. Just hanging out, waiting for the water and some hot surfer boys. It was so funny! She looked very proud of herself, climbing in the tub alone.

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