Monday, May 18, 2009

Productive Day

Today, I am being quite productive. Truly. I know it sounds surprising, but it really is true! Emrick slept from 8PM until 7:30AM without waking up once. Not even stirring one bit. We have a vaporizer in our room and I have been using saline nose drops and Baby Vicks Vapor Rub (Thanks Mandy!) and I think she finally could breath clearly last night. She didn't even wake up in the night wanting her paci back. She was probably so tired from all the stuffy fussiness from last week. Since today has been going so well, and it's only Monday, I have hope that the rest of the week will be- just as smooth. Here is a list of things that I have already accomplished today, and it's only 11AM. Thanks Red Bull!
-Washed/dried/folded two loads of laundry
-Washed bottles
-Washed dishes
-Fed both kids breakfast. Emrick twice.
-Bathed/dressed Emrick
-Dressed Jacob
-Swept floors
-Swiffer Wet Jetted floors
-Talked to Mom on phone
-Talked to Jen on phone
-Talked to Megan on phone
-Made Burger's lunch for tomorrow
-Took pictures of Emrick in her exersaucer

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