Friday, May 29, 2009

My Lucky Day

What could be better than waking up to perfect face every morning? Probably nothing, besides waking up to this face and then finding a Starbucks gift card hidden in the bottom of your wallet. I have no idea how much is on it, but any kind of free Starbucks is amazing. Today must be lucky day! In addition to the Starbucks card, I found a JC Penny's card for $20 and a Younkers card for $6. All of them, lost and forgotten in the bottom of my wallet. Jack pot!

Jacob took a nap today and I thought I was going to be productive and get stuff done and be a rock star. Obviously that didn't happen. I got sucked into a daytime movie with Molly Ringwald on WeTV. It was a terrible movie. The kind of terrible that you can't look away from. I was screaming in my head, "She has Postpartum Depression, people! Help her!" But the actors and actresses couldn't hear me. What a way to spend a nap time...

In other news, this weekend is My Waterloo Days. Parade tomorrow morning at 9:30 if anyone wants to join us! They are also having a carnival this year. We are going to check it out tonight. Should be a heart-stopping good time considering that Burger and I don't go on rides. Especially at carnivals. My brother used to work at a traveling carnival. If people like him are setting up the rides, I'm not risking it... Just kidding, brother, I'm sure you were a terrific carnival worker!

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend with my family. We enjoyed the short week, and I totally wish every week could be three days off four days on. Oh well, at least the weather is getting nicer every day. We are shopping for bug repellent tonight. Emrick is getting a bug net for her car seat/stroller and Jacob is going to need some kind of spray or something. Any suggestions are welcome in my comments section.

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burger said...

i love this picture of emrick!!! :)