Saturday, June 28, 2008

Parade Saturday!

Today we went to the Sturgis Falls parade in Cedar Falls. My parents live near the parade route so we always have good parking! It rained right before the parade so we were a little nervous, but the rain stopped and the sun came our just in time! Jacob had fun watching the parade at the beginning, but then he got tired of it and played in the dirt! We got a pinwheel, a flag, a pen, and a UNI poster! They handed out alot of stuff! Jacob also got a balloon, but of course he let go it after like 2 seconds! He didn't care. Later we are going to Old Navy. An inside source tells me they are having a good sale right now so we have to go check it out! Yesterday I got some good shots of Jacob for his 2 year old pictures. But they are secret until his birthday! You shhould be looking forward to it though, because they are pretty good! :) Have a good Saturday everyone!

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