Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Kids

Amazing. We always 'joke' that Jacob is a mini Burger and Emrick is a mini me. And it's always entertaining because Emrick tends to gravitate towards Burger and Jacob is kind of my buddy. Not on purpose, not 'playing favorites' but that's just kind of the way it usually turns out. Emrick responds to Burger in a totally (and most times much better) way than she responds to me and vise verse with Jacob.
Which brings me to my next point. Jacob starts preschool in just a few short weeks. Every time I think of it I have to hold back the tears. The tears of joy, because he is growing into such an amazing and happy young boy. He is so excited for every new thing to happen and goes with the flow so well. Anyone who knows me knows for sure that he did not learn that from hanging around me! And tears of sadness because they're stealing my little baby boy from me. He will make friends that I don't know (and pre-approve) and have conversations that I don't hear. He will cut with scissors, glue with glue sticks, color, make cool crafts. He will surely write his name for the first time and I won't be there to witness it. They will feed him foods that I don't know the nutrition facts of and hopefully they will always remember that he has a doctor's note and give him water instead of milk.
I am looking forward to spending some alone time with Emrick. And the chores I will be able to get done with only one kid at home!! I know that him going to pre-k is the right and healthy choice for all of us. But it's such a big change. He is too excited to go to school. Can't wait to meet his teacher and new friends. I thank my lucky stars that he is happy about this change because if he wasn't, then it would be a million times harder for me to let him go.

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