Sunday, August 15, 2010

Iowa State Fair

I have been trying all day to upload pictures here but blogger won't let me. Why do I have so many problems with this? No one else ever seems to have problems with this. Do you use blogger? Do you have problems uploading your pictures? How do I fix it?

Moving on, as the title clearly states, we went to the Iowa State Fair. Yesterday. It was so super hot but the kids loved it and we did so many fun things! We didn't eat anything fun, which is kind of a bummer. But we weren't really hungry. We drank a ton. Water and lemonade and some Powerade. Jacob's favorite part was the little blue dog he won playing the Lucky Duck game. Emrick won a ball. That was handed to her then promptly thrown, then chased down by Daddy. But we did a lot of really fun things! The kids got to ride some ponies and pet a camel. They did spin art and Emrick loved it. We went to Little Hands one the Farm and got to pretend to plant and harvest crops and go through the whole 'farm' then sell the 'goods' at the Farmer's Market to use the 'money' to get a prize at the store. It was really fun! Emrick picked a banana as her prize and Jacob picked a Popsicle.

After the fair we drove to Toys'R'Us and Emrick picked a baby doll in a backpack on wheels off the shelf. She pushed it all around the store and was so in love with it. When it was time to go, she couldn't bear to part with it, so Daddy bought it for her. Spoiled rotten little girl. Since Emrick got to buy something, Jacob got to buy a train. He was really happy.

Today we have been hanging out at home and not doing anything. I cleaned the kitchen up, but that's about it. Emrick's been pushing her baby all around the house. And Jacob rode his bike to the park with Burger. For the first time ever. He never was very interested in riding bikes but today he said he wanted to. And he did. On the way home the chain fell off his bike and Burger can't figure out how to fix it because it just keeps falling off. So, now that he wants to ride his bike, he can't. Because it's broken. Go figure.

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