Monday, August 23, 2010

Fun Weekend...

Now down to business. This morning we met Jacob's teacher. He got to make a hand print with paint and get his picture taken while Burger and I filled out papers and filled the teacher in about his strange skin/milk/cat issues. Super fun! Wednesday Burger and I will go to orientation, for what I'm not sure since we filled out (hopefully) all the papers today. Then Thursday Jacob goes to his first day. A half day, and Friday is a half day also. Then next Monday starts 8:33AM-1PM full days, every day. Wow. That is going to be such a big change for every one in this house!

The weekend was really fun. Jacob and Burger went fishing with Burger's dad and then we all stay out on their farm and camped out in the tent. Well, the kids and Burger and Dave camped out in the tent. I made it half the night then ended up on the couch in their living room! Thanks Dave and Sue for letting us stay the night and camp/sleep on your couch! Jacob and Emrick had a great time. In fact, later Sunday afternoon Emrick cried for almost an hour until we took her back outside. She was not done being outside for the day. She's going to be begging us to let her hang out on the farm all the time just as soon as she figures out how to form real words!

We also went to a birthday party on Sunday. More fun and food and awesome cake! I love cake. I mean, I REALLY love cake. So any kind of celebration with cake is my favorite! In fact, after the party I wasn't quite over the cake, so I made my own at home. Not nearly as good as what we had at the party. But still, cake is cake!

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