Saturday, September 26, 2009


Today is Emrick's seven month birthday. I can't believe it. Seven months! She's a little person now, not just a blob of a baby. She is a very funny and particular little girl. And I'm kind of happy to share that she obviously prefers me over anything else in the entire world. I used to get annoyed the my kids are so 'clingy' but one days it hit me. They like me, they enjoy my company and feel safer when I'm near them. Isn't that what moms are supposed to be for their kids?

On a different subject, we got a Jacob a new swim instructor. He did not enjoy going to swimming lessons and kept telling me he didn't like the instructor, he was scared of him. I'm very lucky I work at the YMCA and know some of the other people that work there. A very fabulous swim instructor that has worked there ever since I can remember has a daughter the very same age as Jacob. And on Saturdays she takes her daughter in the pool and has fun showing her how to swim. They sing and play games and have a grand ole' time and she told me that if Jacob was not enjoying the other lessons that I could surely bring him to their 'lessons' on Saturday mornings. Jacob loves her little girl and they had so much fun today playing and learning in the water together. I was fun for me to see him enjoy being there. After swimming we went to the CFU energy fair and ate hot dogs and soda and Jacob played in the bouncy things and rode the little train. He had a blast and I think today was a very enjoyable Saturday.

Burger leaves for school tomorrow. He will be gone for our anniversary which is kind of a bummer. I'm getting over it. But when he comes home his hours should be back to normal. I say 'should be' because he hasn't been told where he is working when he comes home. We are hoping they have somewhere for him to work.

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