Monday, September 21, 2009


Today is Monday and my family is not looking forward to this week or next week. We are all sick of the long work days and short weekends. And next week Burger will be gone at school in Des Moines. September has been kind of hard on all of us and I'll be especially happy when October gets here.

Yesterday we enjoyed our time as a family by running errands together! We went to Toy'sR'Us so the boys could look and then we went to Cattle Congress. We didn't know when they closed and we got there too late so we only had 45 minutes to play. But that was just long enough! Jacob had fun on the rides and got to play the fishing game. He won a teddy bear. Emrick sat in her stroller and watched. We all had a pretty good time. I forgot my camera so there are no pictures.

The kids and I have no plans this week or next week so they will be long and boring. We are trying to stay sane and I think we're doing a fairly good job. I'm hoping to be able to upload some pictures later and am still working on getting a video of Emrick scootching! Enjoy your Monday!

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