Tuesday, September 8, 2009


OK, so the long weekend went nicely and we all enjoyed ourselves. Well, except Burger, who had to work a ten hour day on Saturday while the kids, my mom, and I went visiting people out of town. I think he's over it. We went to a family picnic on Sunday and had a great time. Jacob got to swim in the freezing cold pool with my dad. We went to a car show and bike riding and picnicking and grilling all weekend. Fun stuff.

Tomorrow Burger start working twelve hour days. You heard me right, twelve hour days. Seven in the morning until seven-thirty at night. Working. Sounds like a really long day for him. Sounds like a really long day for me, too. At the end of September he will be going to school. So I get to go from him working twelve long hour days to him being gone for a whole week. So September is a really busy month for him and a long boring lonely month for me. I figure it will work out in the end.

The kids are doing great. Jacob is obsessed with puzzles. And rocks. He found a rock on Sunday night and named it Piglet. It sleeps with him in his bed. Today while leaving the YMCA he found another rock and named it Chophib and said that it will also be joining him in his bed. Funny little boy. No wonder he doesn't like to sleep in his own bed anymore. I wouldn't like to sleep in my bed either, if it was full of rocks! Emrick is just the same little girl we have all gotten to know and love. Grumpy little lady, but we are working together better and getting along. I don't know about crawling but she was standing holding onto me the other day and when she let go she balanced all by herself for about five seconds! She might skip the whole crawling thing and go straight to walking. I doubt it, really she's just lazy. But I will definitely keep you posted and if my 6.5 month old baby gets up and walks away we will all be equally surprised.

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