Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July?! When did that happen?

Uh, like 12 days ago... sorry for the posting strike. We have had a lot of things to think about recently and big decisions to make. But, more on that some other time. Burger has been working 2nd shift going on the third week now. I love love having him work 2nd shift but it seriously messes up my whole 'schedule.' Can't complain though, because we get to hang out and the kids get to see a lot more of him!

Today I decided to take every single thing out of the kitchen cupboards and get rid of all the stuff that we don't absolutely need. Our kitchen is far too small to be storing things we don't use regularly. I started at ten o'clock this morning and I have been working on it all day. I am still not quite finished and it's six in the evening. Like, tub time for the kids! I haven't even given them dinner yet. They have been really good sports for the most part. So, when they asked if they could paint, I paused my work and to get them all set up. Then I went back to my cleaning. Jacob came to me and was so excited because they were master artists! And I need to come see! What they did! It was so great! And amazing! And I was going to love it! Come see! Come see! I bet you can't guess what kind of master pieces those little monkeys made. Table, chairs, and some walls were beautifully splattered. And the floor. We had a little chat about that, then I cleaned it all up and went back to cleaning. On my agenda for tonight after the kids go to bed is finishing my kitchen project and cleaning the couch. What a busy day!

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