Friday, July 29, 2011


If I try to write, you won't understand any of it. I am tired and busy and it would turn into a bunch of run on sentences that don't make sense. So instead I'm going to do this:
-We had sweet corn for lunch today! Yum!
-Jacob is watching Power Rangers for the first time ever and I had forgotten how stupid this show is.
- Emrick is napping.
-Burger left for work.
-I am thinking of starting to get some of the garage sale stuff arranged.
-The garage sale is tomorrow morning. I have a lot of work to do before then.
-Planning Jacob's birthday party is a big pain in my behind.
-Jacob's birthday party is next Saturday!
-I can't believe Jacob is going to be five entire years old.
-I just spent nearly $30 on Lego shaped candy for Jacob's party. They better taste awesome.
-I don't have anything to drink in my house so I am forced to drink water out of the tap. My least favorite kind.
-We went to Target today to get some supplies and I forgot to get garbage bags. I am completely out of garbage bags. It kind of feels like something to panic about right this minute.

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