Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a great Thanksgiving! I didn't take one single picture, which is a big time bummer. The night before Thanksgiving we saw Elmo Live in Dubuque and had a great time! Both the kids were mesmerized and very well behaved. I did take some pictures of Elmo Live but they are on my mom's camera, so I don't actually have them right here right now to show you...

On Thanksgiving Day we went to Burger's Dad's house and celebrated. Good food, good company... That's kind of what this holiday is about, right? Then I stood out in line with my bff Megan at Toys'r'Us for 3.5 hours to get some good deals. Then rushed around town all night to all the different stores until I finally was done and went home at 9 AM. Exhausting but really fun! Saturday night my family came over to our house and ate dinner and visited for a while. My mom cooked and I cleaned up he house to get ready for company. Today we are just relaxing around the house. Burger worked Saturday and Sunday on first shift. Monday he goes back to second shift, which actually sounds kind of nice right now.

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