Saturday, November 13, 2010

The second picture is of Jacob, ready for pajama day at school last week. The rest of the pictures are from Thursday night when I decided to jump the gun and put the Christmas tree up. It all started out so innocently. I was talking to Megan about Christmas and trees and what not then when I went to Target, they had Christmas tree decorations in the dollar bins. So I bought them. And Jacob was really excited and wanted to do it RIGHT NOW. Burger was insanely irritated. Because he's the least fun person ever. And when Jacob called Grandma and was excited to tell her, she didn't believe him. Because I don't decorate, and I generally dislike Christmas. But there it is, however many weeks early. A fully decorated, lit up Christmas tree in my living room.
In other news, Burger goes back to second shift next week for an unknown amount of time. Both the kids were sick last week. At the same time. Peter is doing really well but still pees in the house occasionally. He goes to the vet on Tuesday (Burger's 26th Birthday!) to get shots and be neutered. I am planning on ordering the Harry Potter boxed set for myself from Jacob's book order. I have never read any of the books or seen any of the movies, but think I might like them. I have been doing some Christmas shopping, hoping to stay ahead of the game this year. I have added three extra little girls onto my list this year, super fun!

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mandydake said...

I loved Harry Potter 1-4. I read them when I was 22. I have 5-7 too, but never read those.. Kids and Life seemed to get in my way.