Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween, kind of...

Emrick was a butterfly princess thing and Jacob wore the skeleton costume to school but a pirate costume to trick or treating.
1.) In the first picture, Emrick is eating toast.
2.) She got her black eye in her bed, randomly. I could hear her rustling around in the middle of the night and decided she was fine. Then she started crying hysterically. I rushed in to rescue her but she already had that nasty black eye. She's had it for well over a week.
3.) The 'i' button is really hard to push on my keyboard. I have to really strike it to get the letter to show.
4.) Tomorrow is pajama day at Jacob's school. We are going to the store because he usually sleeps in a t-shirt and ratty old sweat pants. I think it's time for a nice pair of cute boy jammies!
5.) Burger is home from work today. Something about their badges not working. It's nice to have him here!

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