Monday, November 2, 2009

Togetherness... And Stuff

Last Thursday was the big day. Burger got home from work and I said, 'It's time!' So, we took the kid's dressers and moved them into our bedroom and moved Emrick's crib into their bedroom. She officially sleeps in THEIR bedroom. Jacob is the big brother now and everything just kind of fell into place. It was such a perfect night. We went to the Halloween party at the YMCA and when we got home everyone was tired and totally worn out. The kids went to bed at the same time and then slept through the entire night in their very own room. Together. It was so perfect and amazing and happy. Exactly how I had hoped they would share their room as babies. Last night was the first night that Emrick woke up to have a bottle. She woke Jacob up but it worked out. It was not a dramatic up-all-night kind of thing that I was so worried about, the reason I kept her crib in my room so long. Jacob has been reading her books and telling her silly stories before they both fall asleep, happy and together.

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