Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Time Flies

Wow, I can't believe it's Wednesday already. The kids and I went to the Y to work on Monday and Tuesday since a coworker has been sick and needed someone to fill her spot. Then yesterday we went to the park after work since it was so gorgeous outside. Today we stayed home and chilled all day. It was really gorgeous outside today, too, but we were all too lazy to do anything. We need days like that sometimes. We are gearing up for Christmas, starting to decide what we want to get the kids and what not. Kind of fun, it means I get to shop around online a lot more often. I am also a member of some sort and get e-mails with the ads for Black Friday. Nothing too great out there yet, but I'm sure something I can't live without will be on some sort of super sale that requires me, Mom, and Jeremy to wait in line at some store at four o'clock in the morning the day after Thanksgiving. There's always something. Thank goodness for Redbull. Anyhow, we have tons of fun or something like that. Yesterday we went to the mall and the bookstore had dollar clearance bins! It was really exciting and full of great hardcover kids books that I bought more than enough of. What could be better?

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