Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hello? Anyone There?

Yes, yes! We are here! I didn't forget about you, my faithful Internet friends. But one little boy and one little girl baby keep me so busy. Unbelievably busy. Ridiculously busy. Unreasonably busy. True. She crawls all around climbing on things and falling or stealing Jacob's toys. In response he spends most of his time chasing her, pushing her, and stealing his things back from her. My time is mostly spent kissing bonks, distracting, changing DVDs for Jacob, washing dishes/laundry, and putting things up higher where little sticky hands can't reach. We have decided to put the Christmas tree up in the porch where it can be enjoyed by people outside. And where Emrick can't see or reach it. I was ready to put it up last Sunday but Burger refused. It's too early for Christmas trees! Pish posh. What a lame excuse.

Today one of my front porch windows was broken out. Odd timing because my mom and I were just talking about how some businesses in my neighborhood have had their windows kicked in to be robbed. It makes me very very nervous and I am hoping that our big, scary dog will scare bad people away. Anyhow, my porch window was not broken out my a robber. It was broken out by Jacob and his little friend Owen. They decided that it would be a really fun game to throw Hot wheels cars at the window. Apparently to see whose would break it...

I now, right at this moment, have two sleeping children. Jacob is sleeping in his own bed and Emrick is sleeping in her crib which means I have full rein of the whole rest of the house. Amazing. This hardly ever happens here! So, I was thinking to celebrate I would make some peanut butter bars with chunks of peanut butter cups crumbled on top. I was going to have Jacob help me make cookies today, but since he broke the window he is still in trouble. So I am thinking it's only fair for me to bake a giant pan of yummy things and sit and eat the entire thing in front of him. That's reasonable punishment, right?

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