Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Wednesday, let's see... Well, not an awful day but not great either. Seems to be pretty standard these days. Jacob watched Finding Nemo. I ordered my own birthday cake and mailed some things out at Hy-Vee.

Emrick is still really really stuffy and keeps gagging. Bottles are especially hard for her which is a bummer since that's mostly what she eats since she's a baby and all. I've called the doctor's office probably half a dozen times and haven't gotten any response. I realize that the world is not ending. The baby is fine. But why should she have to suffer with a stuffy gross runny nose for over a month if there could be something to make it better? I talked to a triage nurse about a half hour ago who said that she would personally go tell Emrick's doctor's nurse to call me and that I was starting to get upset about her not returning my phone calls. I am still waiting for a call back.

My new steam mop came in the mail today and I cannot wait to clean my floors. Jacob and I have been working on picking up the toys so we can try out the new mop. But, he gets bored easily and distracted then plays with the toys so they are not picked up yet. We are getting closer. I will give everyone a review of the steam mop later.

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