Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hallowfest 2009

Emrick in her train conductor costume.

Jacob waiting for a hayride in his Thomas costume.

Emrick's first hayride. I don't think she's that impressed!

Emrick trying to steal the tractor. You want a hayride? I'll give you a hayride!
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Oldenburger for the fun fall festival! We had to leave early because Jacob said his throat hurt and when we got home I took his temperature and it was 104. I gave him some Motrin and within 45 minutes he was clearly feeling better so I took his temp again and it had gone down to 101.5. He went to bed and we are all hoping this whole thing clears up on it's own. We will see how he is feeling tomorrow! Emrick has been feeling better since she started her antibiotics. Burger and I both feel fine, however my throat has been slightly sore this evening. Other than that we are all dandy around here. Tomorrow is my birthday and we have no big plans. We're waiting to see how the day unfolds.

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