Thursday, December 22, 2011

Almost Christmas!

Christmas, I am so ready for you. The tree is up and decorated, we've seen Santa and told him what cool new toys we're hoping for, gifts are bought and wrapped, and we had Christmas goodies but then Emrick 'dropped' them on the floor and the dogs ate them all up. The kids are big enough to really get into gift buying this year, so my parents took them and let them pick out gifts for Burger and me! I'm so excited to see what they picked! And Burger took Jacob shopping to get a gift for Emrick. I will be taking Emrick later today to pick something for Jacob. They are beyond excited!

Burger's work schedule is ridiculous, as it usually is this time of year. When the factory get days off, the electricians work extra hard! It's nice to have the money from over time, but it's really sad to not see much of him around the holidays.

Well, time for me to keep on keeping on. A few more last minute Christmas errands today and maybe some more goodies baking tomorrow. Hope you enjoy your holiday!

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