Friday, December 10, 2010


We all have really nasty colds here at the Oldenburger house. Yuck. The kids seem to be feeling a little better but Burger is right in the middle of his and I just started to get my cold today. Hooray!

We made the kids beds into actual bunk beds a week or so ago. You know, the way the beds were meant to be from the package... I was nervous about Jacob falling out of the top bunk, but he hasn't yet. It's worked out really well so far, and now all the kids toys can fit into their room!

The last picture posted here cracks me up big time! They were playing Ants in Your Pants and having a great time. Burger's face just kills me.

Jacob has a Christmas concert on Tuesday the 14th at 6PM, in case anyone is interested. He has been practicing all his songs and loves it! He was Student of the Week this last week and had an awesome time sharing himself with his preschool class. He got an award from the principal and a little frog beanie baby that he loves, because it's green. And that's his favorite color! How did they know?!?

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