Monday, October 25, 2010

And then...

Burger came home from work and banned the name Pizza. The kids and I were sad but quickly got used to Peter. Which is the name I had picked originally... But my parents and my brothers are devastated. OK, so maybe not devastated but pretty close. Maybe.

We took Peter with us to Burger's dad's to celebrate the fall festival with us. He was really great and ran around with all the kids and charmed all the adults. And he went on two hayrides with us! It was really nice to have him outside and not worry about him peeing on my rug. My one single rug in the entire house. The rest of the house is wood floors and not really that big a deal if he pees on them. But he likes the rug. Or the pile of dirty laundry in the hall. And now I'm wondering why I thought it was be a really fun idea to get myself a puppy for my birthday.

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