Monday, October 15, 2012

Busy but Fun!

 Emrick's dance class had a family visit day. So my parents, burger, Jacob, and I got to stay in and watch along with all the other kids' families! Emrick did great and loved it, until the last 10 minutes. When she didn't love it anymore. She came and sat down, refusing to dance. Who can blame her? I mean, what is she a trained monkey or something?! The recital should go fantastic!
After hockey last Sunday, we went to the pumpkin farm! It's the first time Burger's ever been able to go with us, and we had a great time even though it was freezing and windy. Burger felt sick after jumping on the bounce pillow. We went through the haunted corn maze twice. Burger carried Jacob through the kid's haunted house, Emrick refused to go anywhere near it! We posed for pictures with the funny cutouts, petted some farm animals, Jacob and Burger got to shoot the Punkinator! We also went on a hay ride. It was pretty worth the $40 it cost to get in...

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