Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Things that Happened

Since last time I posted: Jacob turned 6, we went on a weekend vacation to Minnesota, Jacob started 1st grade, we signed Emrick up for ballet/tap dance lessons, Emrick turned 3.5. Wow, right?! So, we'll start with Jacob's birthday. He had a party at Chuck E. Cheese and we all had a great time! 

On our vacation we went to the Science Museum in Minnesota and the Mall of America. Jacob gave Burger a bloody nose in the hotel pool, and we had a look around Ikea. We got stuck in a forty-five minute long traffic jam on our way there. Yep, a basic weekend vacation!

Jacob started first grade this year! His teacher is Ms.Biggs. I'm not super happy with the classroom he's in but apparently the school doesn't care what I think. I will be supplementing his education at home, working on spelling lists and math worksheets. He thinks these things are fun, and I love being able to teach him things that public school won't!

Emrick kind of speaks for herself. She will start dance in September and is most excited about her tap shoes because they sound awesome! She also loves the leotards and skirts but we haven't actually bought on just yet. I'm sure I will share lots of dance pictures! We had cake for her half birthday. Her and Jacob both got to blow out candles. She picked white confetti cake with pink frosting and sprinkles.

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