Wednesday, July 11, 2012

About Jacob

 Jacob with his splint and ace bandage. His shirt says 'Obey gravity, it's the law'
 Jacob and Daddy all geared up for pin removal surgery!
 Right after surgery. They gave him Mountain Dew and chocolate pudding! He hadn't eaten since midnight the night before surgery, and his surgery was at 1:30 in the afternoon. He was starving!
 The pins they took out of Jacob's arm. That's a quarter for size reference.

I'm sure you all know that Jacob broke his arm. It was four weeks ago at a MOPS park day, and he fell from the monkey bars. He fell onto his back with his arm behind him. He came to me holding his right arm saying that it really really hurt! I had him sit down for a few minutes so I could observe him when he suddenly lost all of the color in his face. I decided he must have really hurt himself and we left for Urgent Care. They took x-rays there and said that it was most definitely broken. So off we went to the orthopedic surgeon! They told us there that it was right above his elbow and that the bone was broken and angled and would require surgery and pins to heal. Off we went to surgery! My parents and Burger met me there and stayed for moral support. Everything went smoothly and the surgery took about 20 minutes or so. They put 3 pins in and a splint wrapped in an ace bandage, on top of that a sling. We were told to keep it clean and dry! He was such a champion through the whole thing! Today he had another surgery to remove the pins, he was so excited! the removal surgery took all of 5 minutes. His range of motion will take some time. We go back to orthopedics in 2 weeks and then probably will start physical therapy.


Joyce Trotter said...
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Joyce Trotter said...

What A Brave Young Man You Have There Mandi!! You Are Truly Blessed!!